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Welcome to Forever Found

The Historic Loheide Building was originally built in 1902 in Eureka. Constructed during the Victorian Era, this Eureka Historical Landmark was once the Moose Hall for members in Eureka. In 2012, the Loheide Building was purchased in a dilapidated state by Dave Mulhern who re-claimed every possible piece of the original architecture and facade. After 3 years of meticulous renovation and detailed craftsmanship, Dave restored the Loheide Building back to her original glory. Dave is a life long resident of Eureka and supporter of the arts.

A Historical Cultural Center

Forever Found Humboldt will be a unique experience for all that walk through our doors. This establishment will educate our community and all of it’s Visitors on the Historical significance of every major economy in Humboldt County while enjoying and promoting all that is beautiful and tasty from our unique region. We feel that it is important to design this experience in a chronological manner so that our patrons understand how one historical economy led to the other. As each of these major economies grew in Humboldt County, we will emphasize the Historical importance the City of Eureka deserves as Humboldt County’s commercial hub.


The Visitor Experience in Eureka at Forever Found will be fun, educational and a great source of reference to guide the tourist to all our City Landmarks, lodging, businesses, restaurants, parks and cultural events that showcase our community in Humboldt.

Forever Found Art Gallery

The Art Gallery will be a representation of the vibrant Art Culture that has enhanced our community experience and has helped express all that is beautiful around us. We will offer this Zone and it’s wall space to local painters, sculptures, photographers and other multi media artist. We will choose a different “featured artist” every month who will educate our employees on each of their art pieces to help sell them to our VIsitors. We will introduce and showcase our newly selected artist every Eureka Arts Alive.

Beer & Wine Bar

Forever Found will operate a Beer and Wine bar for Visitors to enjoy all our great local brands. We will exclusively showcase and offer only local brands from producers among many others. At this bar, the Visitors will be able to pair their beverage with a menu that features small plates of local food offerings including but not limited to local cheese, oysters, fish, crab and grass fed beef. arts.

Coffee, Smoothie, Kombucha & Deli

This section will be located in the upstairs mezzanine where we will showcase, promote and serve many of our great local foods and beverage brands. We will showcase local brands like these the Visitor can order a cappuccino at the sandwich bar. Kombucha is becoming a very popular healthy drink that has probiotics that help replenish and supplement microorganisms for our digestive system. Another healthy and refreshing beverage is a smoothie. Our menu of Smoothies will change with the seasons and use all local ingredients. Also in this Zone, our Visitors will be able to customize a sandwich with organic greens from our local farmers, meats from our local ranchers and breads from producers. Adjacent to the ordering station will be a salad and soup bar. We will showcase different local farmers at our Salad bar and ensure that the Visitor knows the name of the local producers. The Soups we will feature here will be made by different local restaurants that we will market, name and recommend to our Visitors.

Forever Found A Historical Cultural Center

This Zone will encompass individual loungy sections where Plasma screen television monitors hang on the wall of each area. At each television monitor there will be four bluetooth headphones. The Historic chronological experience starts on the first monitor on the left. Here the Native American Tribes of our region will be represented. Their economy and story is where it starts and we will work with the different tribal council historians to properly portray that on the monitor and with artifacts in the display cases below the monitors.